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Welcome to my personal web space.

New! My Fowl Place archive. 10 years of utterances all on one convenient web page.

I am now on Mastodon,

... or you can visit my Gemini capsule at gemini:// There's nothing much there either. (You may use a web proxy if you feel you must, but where's the fun in that? I recommend Lagrange or Emacs Elpher mode.) [What is gemini?]

Since you are visiting my home page, you must want to see a picture of my cat:

Posterized headshot of jdd's cat

Or maybe you came here to play some Doom. Uses the webassembly version of DOSBox, not suitable for all browsers.

Or view The Horror, a minor work of personal digital archaeology. Requires javascript.

View this site's cookie warning. Also javascript. Really, I don't actually like javascript that much.

While I'm figuring out what else to put here, please enjoy this ...

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