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jdd's List o' Links

A curated list of web sites of the old-school: mostly non-commercial and all hand-made, survivals of the Web As It Once Was. And sites that preserve the spirit of it.

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There are 109 web sites listed here.

The Republic of the Resort
Web site of a geek house in Santa Cruz, that lasted from 1992 to 1997. While you're there you can pose a question to the Mystical Head of Bob. Ah, the days when a random geek house could land the domain "".
date added: 2024-06-22
tags: geekhouse slack

The Old Calculator Web Museum
Dedicated to preserving and documenting old calculators, primarily of the electronic variety, and secondarily of the electro-mechanical. Curated by Rick Bensene, indexed by date and manufacturer.
date added: 2024-06-09
tags: calculators history

Files in /:
Some ASCII Art cows
date added: 2024-06-02
tags: animals art humour

"Online tutorials cover a wide range of physics topics, including modern physics and astronomy. Material is organized through extensive concept maps." Originally developed in HyperCard! Brought to you by Carl Rod Nave, Georgia State University.
date added: 2024-05-25
tags: physics astronomy

InterText:The Online Fiction Magazine
A complete archive of InterText, an online fiction magazine that ran from 1991 through 2004, published and edited by Jason Snell. An eclectic mix of "mainstream, Science Fiction, and more fantastic premises".
date added: 2024-05-19
tags: writing literature scifi

Michal's omake: User Friendly archive
An unofficial archive of J.D. "Illiad" Frazer's classic webcomic, brought to you by Michal Sapka. Experience the distilled essence of late-90s geek zeitgeist.
date added: 2024-05-18
tags: comics

Art Crimes: The Writing on the Wall
A gallery of graffiti art from around the world. Also interviews, articles and research. On the web since 1994, mirrored on SunSITE Poland.
date added: 2024-05-14
tags: art graffiti sunsite

The NOTIS History Webpage
A site dedicated to the history of the NOTIS Integrated Library System (aka "catalogue", if you're not a librarian). "NOTIS (Northwestern On-line Total Integrated System) was developed at Northwestern University Library beginning in 1967, installed at other sites starting in 1979, spun-off as a separate, for-profit company in 1987, sold to Ameritech in 1991, and last used by any library in 2012." That's a pretty good run ...
date added: 2024-05-11
tags: libraries software history

The Leonard Cohen Files
A remarkably comprehensive and long-lived fan site devoted to the life and works of everyone's favourite darkly romantic singer/songwriter, poet and novelist. Lyrics, photos, analysis, interviews and lots more.
date added: 2024-04-25
tags: music poetry fandom

Archives of a newsletter about then-current developments in cyberspace, published by David Solomon Bennahum between 1995 and 1998. A remarkable time capsule of that transfomative moment in computing.
date added: 2024-04-07
tags: computers web networks

"Founded in 1996, UbuWeb is a pirate shadow library consisting of hundreds of thousands of freely downloadable avant-garde artifacts." The site is no longer updated as of 2024, but is being maintained as an archive.
date added: 2024-02-28
tags: art music surrealism poetry dance film writing

Gode Cookery
A site - or collection of sites - for those who like good old fashioned cooking. As in Medieval, Renaissance, Elizabethan, Byzantine, etc. On the web since 1997.
date added: 2024-02-16
tags: cooking recipes history

History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications
"From the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network" ... A comprehensive collection of historical materials - essays, photos, news articles, etc. Brought to you by Bill Burns, this site has been in development since 1999 or thereabouts.
date added: 2024-02-15
tags: telegraph networks history

David L. Mills, PhD, Professor
The faculty page of David L. Mills, who among other things invented the Network Time Protocol (NTP). One of the best examples of the 'faculty page' genre I have yet seen. Old school, informative and quirky, with many references to Pogo, the old Walt Kelly comic strip. Sadly, David Mills passed away last week.
date added: 2024-01-24
tags: computers dec

Iain Fisher
Parent site for sub-sites focussed on Ken Russell, Sarah Kane, Athol Fugard, Steven Berkhoff, Zakes Mokae, and a discussion forum (still active!).
date added: 2023-12-01
tags: theatre film tv

The Humanoid Homepage
"A long time ago, in a dodgy Italian studio ... " A fan site celebrating the wonder that is The Humanoid, a 1979 spaghetti space opera starring Richard Kiel.
date added: 2023-11-11
tags: scifi film

The Slightly Less Than Official Spork Homepage
A web page dedicated to that most versatile piece of cutlery. Should it not completely satiate your desire to learn about sporks, you may also wish to check out SporkInfo.
date added: 2023-10-23
tags: cutlery

Ragged Entelechy
Horror lit, true crime, Patti Smith, Clark Ashton Smith, fragments of a journal, and sharks. Brought to you by Fiona Webster.
date added: 2023-10-08
tags: homepages horror music fish

Mens Temporum
The personal site of Rob, in Kent, England, who records "Incidents in my life which have suggested that at least some of my arbitrary decisions and whims may actually be inspired by my quite unpredictable thoughts in the future." A well written meditation on how stray thoughts and coincidence might point to a higher reality than the one we know.
date added: 2023-10-01
tags: surrealism scifi writing

Internet Statistics: Growth and Usage of the Web and the Internet
The web is growing fast. In 1993 there were 130 websites, growing to an estimated 650,000 in 1997! Who knows what the future will bring? A collection of statistics by Matthew Gray, perhaps better known as the author of the first automated web agent ("spider"), the World Wide Web Wanderer.
date added: 2023-07-31
tags: web internet
date added: 2023-07-30
tags: humour surrealism
Inquiring minds need to know
date added: 2023-07-29
tags: humour

The Valve Page
A gallery and compendium of information about old radios and television sets, brought to you by collector and restorer Jon "Jonz" Evans. Pictures, descriptions, technical data, history and more.
date added: 2023-07-05
tags: tv radio electronics history

World Radio History
An immense and impressive trove of scanned magazines, journals, books and ephemera charting the development of radio and broadcasting through the 20th century. Brought to you by David Gleason.
date added: 2023-06-24
tags: radio history

Bolo Home Page
Recently restored to the web by vga256 after a 15 year hiatus, this site provides a comprehensive resource for Bolo, the classic 16 player graphical networked multiplayer Mac tank battle game. After you've finished exploring that, you may want to check out the rest of
date added: 2023-06-21
tags: games mac

The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
A fairly comprehensive fan site dedicated to the popular and critically well-regarded sf TV show, dating from the years the show was originally in production (1993-1998). Does not appear to cover season 5.
date added: 2023-06-11
tags: scifi tv

Harper's Tale Home Page
The home page for a text-based online role playing game ("MOO"), simulating Anne McCaffrey's Pern from her Dragonriders of Pern books. Online since the 90s, the game server is still accessible via telnet.
date added: 2023-06-10
tags: games oldserver scifi

Mimosa Online
The webified version of a fanzine "very much devoted to the preservation of the history of science fiction fandom," published from 1982 through 2003 by editors Nicki and Richard Lynch. Six-time winner of the Best Fanzine Hugo, the list of contributors reads like a "who's who" of science fiction fandom of that increasingly bygone era.
date added: 2023-06-03
tags: scifi fandom history The Culture Jammer's Encyclopedia
A unique and fascinating compendium formerly entitled "Trolls, Hoaxes, Culture Jamming, Poetic Terrorism, Media Hacks, Frauds, Impostors, Spoofs, Counterfeits, Fakes, Pranks, Scams, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds", which should give you a pretty good idea of what you can expect to find here. Brought to you by David Gross.
date added: 2023-05-27
tags: art surrealism hoaxes hacktivism
"Software and documentation covering such subjects as Acorn BBCs, Econet and networking, SJ Research Fileservers, Z80, 6502, ARM and PDP-11 code, C programming, Co-processors and Tube systems, Harston Advanced Disk Filing System, BBC Public Domain, CP/M."
date added: 2023-05-14
tags: computers documentation cpm

The Unmutual: The Prisoner news website
Looking for information? Specifically, about the 1960s spy-fi TV show, "The Prisoner?" The Unmutual has you covered, with essays, articles, news, fan fiction, interviews, photos & art, and more! Just remember: questions are a burden to others. Answers are a prison for oneself.
date added: 2023-05-08
tags: tv scifi
Personal site of the well known author, painter and mathematician Rudy Rucker. A comprehensive compendium of essays, stories, author notes, paintings, blog posts, podcasts, and more.
date added: 2023-04-22
tags: cyberpunk scifi literature

MCbx Old Computer Collection
"Here you will find information about old computers, their parts and peripherals. The main objective of this site is to provide information not only about technical specifications of old computers, but also instructions to make an old computer running again as well as how to use the old computers (retrocomputing) and its basic software."
date added: 2023-04-15
tags: computers history retro

The Last Deadloss Visions
"An enquiry into the non-appearance of Harlan Ellison's THE LAST DANGEROUS VISIONS, written by Christopher Priest." Ellison's follow up to his two much acclaimed "Dangerous Visions" anthologies has been scheduled for publication "real soon now" for the past 50 years, a condition persisting even after the death of the editor. SF author Christopher Priest's fascinating account of endless delays and broken promises dates from 1987, with revisions up to 1994 or so.
date added: 2023-04-09
tags: scifi history

Ellison Webderland
The official home page of the late Harlan Ellison, author of sf classics such as "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream", and the notable Star Trek episode "City on the Edge of Forever". Site contains a miscellany of writings, photos, bibiliographies, reviews, etc. Begun in the mid-90s, updated until 2012 or thereabouts.
date added: 2023-04-02
tags: scifi

City Creator
Build cities out of modular blocks in your browser! A joint project by Denise Wilton and Cal Henderson from the early oughts.
City Creator gif
date added: 2023-03-18
tags: art games

Welcome to the Mosaic Communications Universe
Homepage of Mosaic Communications Corporation, the company developing the Netsite web server and Netscape browser (available for $99 for Windows, Mac, and X Windows, or check out the free public beta [for personal use only]). As befits a modern web site, images load at a blistering 56.6Kbps.
date added: 2023-03-11
tags: web

JM's World War One Sketchbook
"The images presented on this website are from a set of two World War One sketchbooks archived in the University of Victoria's Special Collections Library. They contain approximately 130 water-colour and pen and ink images which were produced by a British soldier based in France and Belgium between 1917 and 1918."
date added: 2023-02-17
tags: history war art

Documenting Digital
A brief hypertext history of Digital Equipment Corporation, presenting multiple timelines tracing the development of its various products and services. Appears to date from 1998 and was originally distributed on CD ROM, from what I can glean from the legal notice. Now resident on Gordon Bell's personal site.
date added: 2023-02-05
tags: dec history computers

253: a Novel for the Internet in Seven Cars and a Crash
"This site is the original 1990s encoding of the prize-winning hypertext novel 253: A NOVEL FOR THE INTERNET IN SEVEN CARS AND A CRASH. The internet version and the book 253 THE PRINT REMIX went on to win the Philip K Dick Award for Best SF Novel not published in hardback." Add, may I add, this site is totally awesome and you should check it out for sure. A great use of hypertext as a literary medium.
date added: 2023-01-15
tags: literature hypertext art scifi

"This is the site of the ORF KUNSTRADIO from Vienna, Austria. Artworks for radio and WWW on air and on line - NEW every Sunday." Online since 1995. One of the two "cooperating hubs" for the annual celebrations of Art's Birthday in the imaginary city of Wiencouver.
date added: 2023-01-07
tags: art radio

Stephan's Virtual Shack
Writings on music and audio electronics, shortwave radio and related matters, cameras and scanners, with a fairly technical bent. Also some interesting archival materials on Windows 3.1. The German version contains somewhat more and different content.
date added: 2023-01-02
tags: radio electronics homepages

Remo Raccoon's Home Page
Ever fancied having a pet raccoon? Depending on how you answer, this site will either give you more reasons not to want one, or some tips and pointers on raising raccoons as pets that you might find helpful. There are also some amusing anecdotes and photos of these adorable(?) little trash pandas.
date added: 2022-12-24
tags: animals

LAL Cat Archive
Pictures and descriptions of cats. Why the Internet was invented.
date added: 2022-12-21
tags: cats

The Leepers' Homepage
Home pages of Mark and Evelyn Leeper, and their MT VOID sf club newsletter. Movie reviews, book reviews, sf convention reports, travel writings, and more, going back decades ... the Leepers have been at this a long time.
date added: 2022-12-20
tags: scifi homepages fandom film

Euclid's Elements of Geometry
Euclid's Elements in multiple editions plus guides and commentary. Some of the links are broken, but a surprising number still work. Found on the UBC SunSITE, which is worth a visit itself.
date added: 2022-12-03
tags: geometry sunsite

The World Wide Web
Describes the WorldWideWeb (W3), a wide-area hypermedia information retrieval initiative aiming to give universal access to a large universe of documents.
date added: 2022-11-22
tags: hypertext internet web

NetVet & The Electronic Zoo
Originates "from the vivid imagination and late night web-surfing of Dr. Ken Boschert, a Veterinarian at Washington University's Division of Comparative Medicine, located in St. Louis, Missouri. Among this server's Web Pages are numerous views of Veterinary Medical and Animal resources available on the Internet and beyond." Dates from 1995-1999; some serious 1990s web design here.
date added: 2022-11-14
tags: animals

Acme Klein Bottle
"At last, Acme Klein Bottle has conquered topological and engineering frontiers to manufacture genuine glass Klein bottles. These are the finest closed, non-orientable, boundary-free manifolds sold anywhere in our three spatial dimensions." Now, I don't normally include e-commerce sites in the List o' Links, but ... Clifford Stoll. Klein Bottles.
date added: 2022-11-13
tags: topology

Cliff Stoll's Performance Art Theater and Networking Security Revue
Clifford Stoll narrates his story of hunting down a computer hacker who broke into the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the mid-80s. It was published in book form as "The Cuckoo's Egg" in 1989, but here is embodied in a series of short audio clips and tiny little pictures of Stoll presenting on stage. You may want to watch the excellent PBS documentary as well.
date added: 2022-11-07
tags: infosec history networks

The Hacker Crackdown
Bruce Sterling tells classic tales of Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier. Phreaking, Hacking, and Real Cyberpunk in the World Before the Web. Highlights include the origins of the EFF, and indeed, some of the backstory of SDF, in the chronicle of the "Killer" UNIX BBS.
date added: 2022-11-06
tags: cyberpunk bbs unix history infosec

Simon Tatham's Home Page
Home page of Simon Tatham, a software engineer and free-software author in Cambridge, UK. Best known (to me, anyway) as the author of PuTTY, Simon Tatham has also written numerous other utilities, games, fonts, algorithms and essays, many of which are linked here.
date added: 2022-09-30
tags: unix software homepages programming games

Eclipse Chaser
Chronicle of Jeffrey R. Charles' decades-long fascination with solar eclipses. Travel journals, photos, technical articles and more. Winner of a 1998 Griffith Observatory Star Award, last updated in 2018. Optimized for Netscape 2 and above.
date added: 2022-09-25
tags: astronomy travel photography

Galactic Central
Indexes over 9400 fiction magazines with issue checklists and cover images. A separate section covers author bibliographies focussing on sf, horror and fantasy authors. Also hosts/mirrors several sites related to pulp magazines, etc.
date added: 2022-09-19
tags: pulps scifi

The (Online) Medieval and Classical Literature Library (OMACL)
A collection of some of the most important literary works of Classical and Medieval civilization. Developed by Douglas B. Killings and once upon a time hosted on the Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE. Now maintained by Roy Tennant.
date added: 2022-09-17
tags: literature classics sunsite

A place for bicycle tourists and their journals. Begun in 2000 as Neil Gunton's personal bike tour journal, now home to over 15,000 journals and 3 million pictures from people all over the world.
date added: 2022-08-30
tags: cycling travel

Colossal Cave Adventure Page
All about the OG text adventure game. History, source code, and everything you ever wanted to know about the magic word XYZZY.
date added: 2022-08-23
tags: literature art software games

The Church of the Subgenius
The official web site of the Church of the Subgenius. Are we controlled by strange forces? Find out here.
date added: 2022-08-21
tags: slack surrealism

A few dozen text files containing corny old jokes, puns and other humourous writings. Apparently a direct-to-HTML copy of a directory on a DEC VAX. Files date from the mid-70s through 1990 or thereabouts.
date added: 2022-08-16
tags: humour puritytest
Home page of David Buckley, long-time maker of robots and animatronic systems. Extensive documentation of Buckley's robotics and AI projects, robot history, software, and even some poetry.
date added: 2022-08-13
tags: robotics ai poetry homepages

Ex Astris Scientia
A Star Trek fan site, begun in 1998 and actively maintained and updated into the present. Intelligent, balanced reviews of every episode of every official series and movie up to almost the most recent ones. Interesting articles about Star Trek science and technology, and much more. Created and maintained by Dr. Bernd Schneider.
date added: 2022-08-01
tags: scifi startrek fandom

The Classic Computer Magazine Archive
Kevin "Kay" Savetz' archive of early computer magazines, including Antic, STart, Creative Computing, Compute!, A.N.A.L.O.G., ST-LOG, Compute II, Tandy Computer Whiz Kids, and more! On the web since 1996.
date added: 2022-07-24.
tags: atari tandy commodore retro

Contemporary Home Computing
A webzine by net artists Olia Lialina and Dragan Espenschied. Fascinating essays and art projects about net culture and the unnecessary overcomplication of the web. If the List o' Links needed a scholarly justification, this would pretty much be it.
date added: 2022-07-18
tags: art culture web

The West Coast Foundation for Modern Art
Chronicles a group of beatnik/surrealist artists, musicians, and poets based in Vancouver BC, from their heyday in the 60s and early 70s up to modern times.
date added: 2022-07-09
tags: art painting music surrealism poetry

Sensitive Research (SR-IX)
Tom Jennings is an artist and the creator of FidoNet. This is his website. Lots of great tech, computing, and music history here.
date added: 2022-07-02
tags: technology computers history music electronics art

The Musical World of Rocky Horror
A rather extensive inventory of musical recordings relating to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Also includes reviews and photos. This is the old site, traverse the directory tree upwards to see its (somewhat) more modern incarnation.
date added: 2022-06-26
tags: music art fandom

The Armory's web space
The Armory is (was?) a geek house in Santa Cruz. This is their webserver. It's been around since 1994 so there are many dead links. But hey, it's still running ... On SCO UNIX it says ... can that still be true? Maintained by John DuBois.
date added: 2022-06-25
tags: oldserver puritytest homepages geekhouse

The Virtual Memorial Garden
"The VMG, is not a place of death, but somewhere people can celebrate their family, friends and pets; to tell the rest of us about them and why they were special." On the web since 1995, this site is pretty special itself.
date added: 2022-06-18
tags: memorials

The Modemjunkie's Portal
Leonard Grossman's home page. Includes an archive of "Reflections of a Modemjunkie", a proto-blog describing adventures on the Internet from 1993 through the turn of the millenium.
date added: 2022-06-09
tags: internet blog homepages

ASCII Art Dictionary
A wonderful collection of ASCII Art curated, and in part created, by Andreas Freise. Also contains how-tos and many other ASCII art resources. Site appears to date from 1997-2005, with minimal updates in recent years.
date added: 2022-06-05
tags: art

Planetary Fact Sheets
Want to know the mass of the Moon or the radius of Saturn's rings? This obscure corner of NASA's web space is the place to go.
date added: 2022-06-03
tags: astronomy

Alexei Panshin's The Abyss of Wonder
A great collection of essays by a noted science fiction author, critic, and historian. Many historical essays on Golden Age science fiction, with a particular emphasis on Robert A. Heinlein. Includes the full text of Panshin's controversial Hugo-award winning book, "Heinlein in Dimension." Update, 2024-02-16: Alexei Panshin passed away in August 2022, but the site is being maintained as he left it, with a slight change to the URL.
date added: 2022-05-30
tags: scifi history

The Fanac Fan History Project
"This site is devoted to the preservation and distribution of information about science fiction and science fiction fandom. There are fanzines, photos, and all sorts of strange and wonderful information about fandom's past."
date added: 2022-05-20
tags: scifi fandom history

Douglas W. Jones
Website of Dr. Douglas W. Jones, Associate Professor Emeritus from the University of Iowa Department of Computer Science. Lots of interesting information on historical computing (DEC PDP-8, PLATO, etc) and related topics.
date added: 2022-05-18
tags: computers history dec plato

Cameron Kaiser's "personal repository for information technology research, historical computing research, and open source software", among many other things. A unique and valuable resource!
date added: 2022-05-16
tags: computers retro gopher history biology art commodore

Steve's Old Computer Museum
Lots of information about various makes and models of micro-computers manufactured between 1970 and 1993, from the personal collection of Steven Stengal. Handy timeline view!
date added: 2022-05-15
tags: computers history retro

"This is a virtual space where artists join together in sharing their art with others on the Internet." One of the earliest shared artists' spaces on the Web, established 1994 and still being updated as recently as 2018. Over 450 artists working in a variety of media. A trove of 1990s web design!
date added: 2022-05-13
tags: art photography painting writing poetry

Tricks of the Internet Gurus
"An Internet guru knows that the Internet only works due to information sharing that is mostly for free. The guru, therefore, must give something back to the Internet to improve the network. It might be a piece of software, documentation, frequently answering posts on Usenet constructively, or even just having a useful Gopher or Web server." Yes, this is a book about the Internet written in 1994.
date added: 2022-05-12
tags: computers internet history documentation

Gaby's Homepage for CP/M and Computer History
Lots to do with everybody's favourite microcomputer operating system, as well as Win 3.1 and MS DOS. Software, documentation, history and more!
date added: 2022-05-07
tags: computers history documentation cpm

The Interactive Fiction Archive
"Since 1992, the Archive has collected thousands of text adventures, text adventure development tools, articles, essays, hint files, walkthroughs, jokes, and sly references to Greek politics."
date added: 2022-05-06
tags: writing art literature software games

Beyond Cyberpunk!
"The Web version of the 1991 HyperCard classic." A primer for the cyberpunk wannabe.
date added: 2022-05-04
tags: writing literature cyberpunk

The Birdhouse Arts Collective
An archive of 1990s-era web art
date added: 2022-04-20
tags: art writing

Chez Inwap
Cat pictures, PDP-10 info, and probably everything you'd want to know about ReBoot, the 1990s computer animated television show.
date added: 2022-04-19
tags: cats tv computers homepages

Starring the Computer
Computers in movies and television. Ever wonder what computer they used in "Three Days of the Condor"? Here's where you find out.
date added: 2022-04-18
tags: computers film tv
"This site is dedicated to the range of video terminals produced by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) from 1970 to 1995."
date added: 2022-04-16
tags: computers history documentation dec

The Electronic Labyrinth
When hypertext was a cool new literary medium (1993 or thereabouts)
date added: 2022-04-15
tags: literature art writing hypertext
Jamie Zawinski's mid-90s proto-blog
date added: 2022-04-1
tags: art music computers blog

The Dead Media Project
A collaborative inventory of dead media, coordinated by Bruce Sterling and Richard Kadrey
date added: 2022-03-20
tags: media history technology

Michigan Terminal System
Thirty year history of a computer operating system developed at the University of Michigan and used by many other universities, including the University of British Columbia. Nice old-school minimalist web design.
date added: 2022-03-18
tags: computers history programming

Jargon File Text Archive
Most versions of the storied Jargon File (a hacker lexicon), dating back to 1976
date added: 2022-03-16
tags: history computers programming networks

Coping with Unix, a Survival Guide
"An electronic survival kit for coping with the complexities of a scientific computing project from start to finish under a Unix operating system." You might think Unix documentation dating from 1993 would be obsolete, but hey, Unix is timeless.
date added: 2022-03-14
tags: computers unix

The NorMill
Home page of Norman White, a pioneering Canadian electronics/robotics artist. Temporarily removed 2024-02-04 as the site was down, re-added 2024-02-11.
date added: 2022-03-12
tags: art electronics robotics homepages

ACME Laboratories
"Purveyors of fine freeware since 1972. On the net since 1991." Graphics, Unix, Networks, Fun.
date added: 2022-03-10
tags: art programming

Commodore Information Center
"This site provides links to other sites that support the classic Commodore 64 and 128 computers, and a collection of related articles from newsletters."
date added: 2022-03-07
tags: computers commodore history

mR_Slug's Warehouse
"A dumping ground for various old computer stuff" including a chip set encyclopedia, PC Specs year by year, hardware info. HTTPS? DNS? Who needs 'em.
date added: 2022-03-01
tags: computers documentation
Commodore service manuals, Luxor ABC800 home page, FTP site mirrors. Lots of interesting old software and documentation on a site that's been online since 1997.
date added: 2022-02-20
tags: computers software documentation commodore

Computers Are Bad
"COMPUTERS ARE BAD is a newsletter semi-regularly issued directly to your doorstep to enlighten you as to the ways that computers are bad and the many reasons why."
date added: 2022-02-18
tags: computers networks programming electronics radio infosec

The Tao of Programming
"When you have learned to snatch the error code from the trap frame, it will be time for you to leave."
date added: 2022-02-16
tags: programming humour

Chris Siebenmann's home page
Chris Siebenmann is a Unix Herder who works at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto. His blog mainly covers interesting topics in systems administration.
date added: 2022-02-14
tags: computers sysadmin blog

WILLOW (Washington Information Looker-upper Layered Over Windows)
A general purpose information retrieval tool, designed to search across multiple bibliographic databases and the University of Washington's library catalogue. Although development ceased in 1999, remarkably it is still hosted in a top-level directory on the University of Washington web site.
date added: 2022-02-13
tags: software
"What this site offers is a glimpse into the history of writers and artists bound by the 128 characters that the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) allowed them. The focus is on mid-1980's textfiles and the world as it was then, but even these files are sometime retooled 1960s and 1970s works". Brought to you by the indefatiguable Jason Scott.
date added: 2022-02-12
tags: art writing bbs history software

Metropoli BBS files
Old software,demos and drivers hosted on the Metropoli BBS in Helsinki, Finland
date added: 2022-01-11
tags: software bbs

Drop-D, Vancouver's Music Magazine
Vancouver's club music scene in the mid-late 1990s, preserved in aspic.
date added: 2022-01-10
tags: music art

THE DECSYSTEM-20 at Columbia University (1977-1988)
A nontechnical reminiscence written in 1988 (on the occasion of unplugging Columbia University's last DECSYSTEM-20), with links to lots of great historical information about computing at Columbia.
date added: 2022-01-08
tags: computers history dec

Online PDP-8 Home Page
This site is for people who wish to learn about the PDP-8 minicomputer and for current PDP-8 users to get more information on these machines.
date added: 2022-01-07
tags: computers history dec

Madrona Grove
Brent Hilpert's retro computing, radio & electronics projects. Amazing stuff. Lots of great documentation!
date added: 2022-01-05
tags: computers electronics radio retro

Chebucto Community Net
Download some old software (Apple, Amiga, DOS, OS/2, Windows, etc) from a venerable Community Net in Nova Scotia. Looking for Netscape 1.1N for X11R6? Find it here.
date added: 2022-01-04
tags: software retro

Duramecho's Miscellany
"A small but eclectic collection of miscellaneous information that might be of use or of interest to someone somewhere, possibly." Come for the info on C pointers, stay for the Morris dancing.
date added: 2022-01-03
tags: computers programming food dance art photography

Cool, but obscure X11 tools
A small collection of tools for the X Window System.
date added: 2022-01-02
tags: software unix retro